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Sunday, 9 November 2008

And here's another!

Well!! Two posts in one day is unbelieveable!
A cutesy Tilda from the new Winter collection. I just love her and my collection of stamps just keeps growing - it's like there's a Tilda tree at the bottom of the garden and I keep picking them!
They're coming from somewhere anyway.

And having just received my wonderful new Martha Stewart lattice arch punch, I just had to use it. It's absolutely wonderful, just a shame they are not readily available here in the UK. I was using the Pocket Silhouette set again and came up with this.

When I sit down to make a card, I don't really know what it is going to be like. It just tends to evolve, and this was my latest result.
What do you do? Do you have a plan in mind when you create?
Please let me know so that I don't feel alone in my ways.
Thanks for looking.

Pocket silhouettes

Pocket silhouettes - such a useful little set!How's this for simple but I loved making it and just had to carry on making more. The designs stamp beautifully. I used my ink spots for these images as I can have each colour range for just £17.50 - that's 12 stamp pads. Gives me a taster for the colours which I know I will use the most.
This one shows the background clear embossing a little better but my photography is not up to much!

And here's all three - the centre one using my dearly loved scallop border punch. And the tag punches, 1/4" grosgrain ribbon and co-ordinating cardstock.
Why not check out my 'Ribbon share' and 'Cardstock share' and 'Brads Galore'.
That was the beauty of making these cards - I was able to reach for just the colours I wanted at the time. Inspired by the tag design on the front cover of the SU catalogue, I decided to try a few colourways myself. And I think they work!
If you would like to take part in any of my shares, I have a few remaining places, so just let me know. And this lovely set, Pocket Silhouettes, is one of the die-cut sets for easier mounting, and costs just £15.95.
Thanks for looking.
Be back soon!

Monday, 3 November 2008

'tis the Season to Host

From 1st November - 31st December
when you host a workshop totalling £150 or more, you will receive a FREE stamp set (from the list below, in addition to the already wonderful hostess benefits.
109647 Page 17 Wondrous Gift £19.95
107930 20 Snow Flurries £9.95
110528 56 Friendly £14.95
110536 60 Seasonal Wishes £15.95
109324 91 Dotted Autumn £12.95
105979 91 Cold Play £24.95
If you live in or around Northamptonshire or Bedfordshire, please give me a call or email triciaablett@hotmail.com


By popular request, I have decided to start a Button Share. Who would like to have a selection of all the Stampin Up coloured buttons? Always have the exact colour you need? Well here's how -
The deal is -
5 of each colour (assorted round and square) x 20 colours
= 100 buttons
I need 4 people in total, and one place has already been taken. If you would like to take part in this share, please let me know, either by calling 01933 353695
Tale a look at my previous post for other
for ribbons, brads and cartdstock

Saturday, 1 November 2008

SPECIAL OFFERS - Ribbons, brads + cardstock

Take a look at these! The Stampin Up ribbons - every colour in 1/4" grosgrain, gingham and taffeta. Then there's the 5/8" grosgrain and 1" double-stiched grosgrain!
And brads in every colour of the four colour ranges!

And all of them together - wow!! Wouldn't you like some?

As a SPECIAL offer throughout November, you could take part in my ribbon , brad and cardstock share.
OFFER 1 - 1m of each ribbon shown = 1/4" grosgrain in 11 colours
5/8" grosgrain in 8 colours
1" double-stitched grosgrain in 3 colours
Taffeta ribbon in 8 colours
Gingham ribbon in 6 colours
ALL FOR £25 inc FREE P&P
OFFER 2 - 10 brads in each colour in the 4 colour ranges
= 160 brads in a four compartment container
OFFER 3 - 1 x 6" square of cardstock in each colour in the 4 colour ranges
= 48 colours of card
Offer 1 + Offer 2 + Offer 3
ALL FOR £36 inc FREE P&P
All I need is 3 more people who would like to join in to fully subscribe the purchase. If you are anything like me, I wanted them ALL - ....NOW!! So if you are a like-minded crafter who is obsessed with SU, just let me know and I may be able to partly ease your obsession!!
You can contact me, Tricia, on 01933 353695 or by email triciaablett@hotmail.com .
Thanks for dropping by - and I should really be making some cards to put on my blog now , so watch this space to see what I come up with!!
Bye for now


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