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Friday, 20 June 2008

Lets get started!

Well the time has come when I really must do something about a blog. I have kept putting it off time and time again. But now it's crunch time - basically, I'd rather be making cards than talking about them. However, cardmaking is about sharing tips and techniques as well as getting pleasure out of giving them, and as I browse many blogs for inspiration, it's about time I tried to perhaps give others some ideas that they may not have thought about.

Now, I am just a 'normal' (some people may not agree!) cardmaker, no art training or qualifications , just an overactive mind that loves to create. And if I can do it, I tend to think that everyone else has already done it, coz I'm not special by any stretch of the imagination!

When I fall in love with a craft, I become obsessed. I have to have every necessary piece of equipment that exists and MORE! Because it would be disaster to use something and have none left. If it's available in 6 colours, then I must have 6 colours even if I don't particularly like two of them, because I might like them or need them one day. And it would be a catastrophe if I needed it and I didn't have it.

But the more I read about cardmakers, The more I realise that I AM NOT ALONE. It makes me feel good and I chuckle to myself when I read something that relates exactly to me.

Enough words for now, so here's the picture of last nights creation. My friend pccrafter.com have come up trumps again. The background oval is an image from Summer Picnic and has inspired the use of numerous Tilda stamps for this one. Watercolur pencils were used , fine gold peel offs to edge and some lovely co-ordinating flowers ,from a lady on ebay, found in my stash. (You can never have too many flowers!)
Off now to make some more cards, ready for my next post, now that I'm up and running.
Happy crafting!


kes said...

Congrats on your blog. It is addictive.

E.T said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! I am new too! Do stop by my blog!


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